Fruit of the night

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Oh, What A Love


Fruit Of The Night

so you tore it down now it's all a part of that dance you do with those young girls hearts. While you stuff those gold mines up your sleeve and you don't know what that does to me. She was the fruit of the night. Red peppers and wine. She knows one day she will die so you don't ask twice . With a fragile fire and those glass filled eyes. A white leather incantation. the way she lays beside the lake at night . Whose it gonna come from next honey . Whose gonna make that mind up . If you walk right up to the mirror. you're gonna share your half of the blame. She's gonna crawl all over your idea of love and never let you look at a woman the same way.  All the magic math in that silent lust. They're gonna bite down hard gonna chew you up. And you'll slowly become a flavor of the month . Remember I told you more than once.


Oh, What A Love

"Oh, What a Love works best connecting with the listener lyrically, as Park preaches by example throughout the album to savor the moments in life, both bitter and sweet. Packaged in memorable melodies that catch you on the first try like good folk songs often do, Park describes situations, relationships, and settings with realization and self perspective that pull you into her stories as you roughly tie them to your own. THIS is what draws people in live, and something that wasn’t lost on the album." - Scene SC

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